Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Afternoons

It is a delicious Sunday afternoon. Lunch has been taken, the sun is shining and the walkers are peacefully gliding past the windows enjoying their afternoon strolls. The fire is roaring and the scented wood smells are wafting along the boat. I am lying on the sofa relaxing with a lovely cup of tea. This is tranquility at its best. Or at least, it was.

Low and behold from the silence erupts a noise, bang bang bang. Disturbing the peace I compose myself and investigate the imposing sounds from the external world. It turns out to be the out board engine two boats down.

I am no longer sitting in peace and the boat is shaking to the thump and rhythmic drones of the outboard. I am not impressed.

I am normally a calm person aboard the great ship, but I am wondering whether it would be inappropriate to partake in a new sport - sinking ships perhaps? There should be a law against it. Grrr.


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