Thursday, January 24, 2008

Granny Buttons

If you haven't visited Granny Buttons today - go and visit.... FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger bean counter said...

Hmmm - EP has discovered a series of childrens books called 'Funny Bones' based on a pair of skelletons - she thought that you might enjoy them and by the look of this link, you are not alone. They start, 'In a dark, dark house on a dark, dark street....'. She is doing the 'Oxford reading tree' and making good progress. On a slightly different subject (not sure whether such diversion is blog etiquette but I will plead unfamiliarity for now) the dog poo topic certainly provoked some reactions. My conclusion is that it is just not that private living on a boat - you get a great garden, but also uninvited visitors, along with their habits -good and bad. It is still probably much nicer than living in most cities.

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