Thursday, January 24, 2008

NABO RBOA and membership

Sometime ago I wrote a post about NABO and forming a new group - the scruffy boaters brigade (I can't work out how to link it here without linking the whole of November 2007's posts). I have been keeping an eye on NABO and RBOA over the last few months, and I really think I should join something.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find my cheque book, which means I still haven't done anything about it - what a shame we can't join on line; I expect that this is an indication that the members are too busy doing active work than keeping ahead of technological payment advances.

The waterways are changing, and I don't think this is just because I am getting older and more aware of my environment. As boaters we need to make sure we are doing something to ensure that we can continue to boat without being priced off the system, and that we don't find ourselves immersed in a rich mans game and subsequently sinking in the bureaucracy surrounding that. The more active we are, the louder our voice, and as long as we are heard and do our best we can sit and say que sera sera, but the only people who will speak out for us are us. Boating is about community and with the mooring tender system I see communities being destroyed.


Blogger Sarah said...

Click on the time at the bottom of the post to get a permalink to that post. Whoo! Humanities person tells scientist someting about computers!!

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Blogger BigJohn said...

SOW is meeting on February 10th to discuss the next stage of the campaign against the cuts. So far unlike IWA, NABO, RBOA etc we don't have a paid membership - just invite donations to support the cause. You'd look better than the existing model in some of our campaign kit!

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