Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moving On

Once upon a time Bones had a Beloved but as with all things Bones and that Beloved came to pass. With this I have been clearing out my possessions. A thankless task as I am once again reminded that I am not a minimalist but a maximalist.

I was rather thrust into living on a boat, and although I moved on with very few possessions, everything else I owned gradually caught me up. Sadly there was no room at the Inn, and several friends and family were sweet enough to accommodate my boxes. I am sure my parents love sharing their bedroom with a long case clock and carcasses in cases! Eventually I managed to condense most things at friends' houses and what was left was kindly housed by the Beloved. As you can imagine it is high time I removed my debris; not least because each time I go back to visit, it is rather like I never left.

This weekend, amongst other things, I packed everything up in boxes, and I can only marvel at the sheer amount of clutter I accumulate. The recycling bin received several meals from my store, and my car became full of buckets, tripods, cameras tinfoil, screws, ink, wool, books and other random essentials that I seem to have been able to live without since I last saw them. (I left everything else in boxes piled neatly behind the wardrobe)

The problem with boating, and particularly my sort of boating is that there isn't enough storage for things 'you might need'. My cornet and top hat (for best) take up valuable space in their cases/boxes, and even my gas mask is in the way crumpled up under the bed for a rainy day.

I think it might be time to bite the bullet and sort out some more storage for the great ship. As yet I don't have any seats with storage for my dining room table, so that may be good place to start. Oh how I wish I was good at woodwork, or at least design!

Botherit! I have just remembered the paintings and the crockery!!! Bones is going need an extension.


Anonymous Mukiwa said...

The solution may be a butty. It could double as your workshop!

11:59 AM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

or a fleet! LOL

Excellent idea.... I wonder.... hmmm....

12:16 PM  

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