Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Moaning with Milly

Maffi on Milly M is moored in the spot in front of me by a park. We have been having a right old time and I have thoroughly enjoyed the morning stumble across boats to Maffi's kettle and a lovely cup of coffee as I shake the nights slumber into touch. This morning was no exception and we sat around putting the world to rights and deciding the problem with today's society is the lack of community. At that point some 70 school children started to accumulate in the park area and I decided it was time to mend my way to work. Maffi being the kind soul he is took a stroll to the bus stop with me and on route we noticed the kids were hanging around a patch of the park which has water fountains that intermittently switch on and soak anyone that is silly enough to be around. This morning the water didn't seem to be on, so in true community spirit we asked the warden to switch the water on.




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