Monday, June 18, 2007

moving, banter and music

On saturday I had some fabulous crew and we moved the boat further up the canal. It was a glorious trip - not only because I had crew, but also because it rained. I just love it when the rain drops are big, very wet and refreshing:

On saturday evening there was an excellent gathering for another boaters banter from canal world on saturday evening. There was a really good crowd of us, and I always enjoy these events. During the day I am very dozy, but in the evenings I really wake up - and this time it was just in time for dinner at the pub - bliss. What a wonderful way to spend a saturday evening (and afternoon)! There were three of us with our boats there this time Maffi,Keeping up and myself so the banter seemed to continue into Sunday finishing with a lovely curry! On sunday Maffi and lock boy helped me sort out a few bits and pieces on the boat - it is really good having the company when doing things wrong!

Maffi fetched his guitar and serenaded us for a bit:

He is actually quite good - and is one of those rare people who can actually whistle in tune!

Canoe Man (lockboy) suggested we had afternoon tea on sunday afternoon, so I made some scones. As usual I didn't have all the ingredients so I made do with Rye flour. Maffi provided the cream (which was delicious despite having been open for weeks). The scones were a triumph - if you like flat things - at least they were edible (which was surprising all round as I didnt have any scales to weigh out the various ingredients).

Maffi gave me some shoes. He's only worn them once and didn't get on with them so I am now sporting them - thanks maffi!


Blogger Mathew Parkin said...

ohh afternoon tea sounds lovely
as does maffis guitar by the sounds
the boots are wonderful!
xx xx xx

2:36 AM  

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