Thursday, June 14, 2007


Having returned to a spot I knew well two years ago I have found it interesting seeing the changes that have occured during that time. Everything seems to be so much more overgrown... or do we call that rural these days.

Yesterday I set off from my mooring and planned to stop by the waterpoint to fill up, and empty the loo - ittiratingly a BW boat was parked up there, but it was short and at the end of the mooring so not too much in the way. Even more irritatingly there was another boat moored up on the water point, locked up and with no-one in. As it happens I even more irritatingly I couldn't find my BW key to open the water tap or elsan point anyway. As I wasn't sure my hose would reach accrossthe moored obsticals to my boat from the tap I decided to give up on the whole thing and continue upstream to a 48hr mooring. It is intensly irritating, but then boating often is. I will have to wait until tomorrow evening before I can resolve these issues when I continue to move upstream.

Cycling up the tow path this morning with a full bladder oscillated between the painful and hilarious. I don't recommend it!


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