Monday, July 02, 2007

Pride comes before a fall

Having spent my allotted time in Thrupp I decided it was time to head south for some fresh air, new scenery and a bit of a cruise. I couldn't decide whether to go onto the Thames or not (I fancied a night by the allegedly haunted Godstow Nunnery) and asked several people along the way what it was like at the moment.

When I got to Dukes Cut I noticed the red boards and decided to carry on the canal... or at least I did until I changed my mind (I remembered those lift bridges!). I reversed back up the canal beautifully and did a wonderful turn which received a little applause from the line of boats waiting for the lock.

I went through the lock onto the Thames and swept down river engulfed in rain, tranquility and bliss. Boating can be pretty good at clearing the cobwebs, and I was feeling good. With a burst of confidence I entered kings lock and told the local keeper I was going solo and what should I do. After a little instruction I stood on the bank with my centre line and stern rope in my hands whilst the keeper dropped the paddles. After a short time the keeper told me to make sure the boat doesn't drift onto the steps. I calmly looked down and after a little push let her know that the boat had indeed drifted onto the step, and wouldn't be pushed off. Gosh - lockies run fast! A walker also came whizzing around the corner to give her a hand - he thought it must have been bad to see her running! The paddles were closed, and the other paddles opened to fill the lock. I think the lock keeper was a bit tense, and apparently it was a bit touch and go as to whether they had done it quick enough! Thank you kings lock!

I don't think I realised how quickly a boat can go down, but Bones was at a rather exciting angle in a matter of moments. The bottom plate on the stern looked good and nothing broke when it fell off the shelves and out of the cupboards!

So, Bones nearly sank. OOOOpsie! As it happens Bones did not sink, and thus I am still floating around the waterways and haven't had to get a room - life really is good!


Blogger Miss T said...

next time you want to me move, give me a scream and I'll see if I can pop over and help out.

After my afternoon at Pinkhill Lock i think I know the drill 8-)

8:25 AM  

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