Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Solar Panels

It is about time I installed my solar panel! I have had it since november, but with one thing or another I haven't managed to set them up. You will remember I bought them from the lovely Rumi at sustainable systems. At the weekend I had assistance and wired everything together in truimph. However, I screwed the waterproof on the back of the solar panel on and then realised I needed to unscrew it to put the wire in the right place (doh!). For some reason I simply can't undo the screw. I must have cross threaded it in a fit of excitement or something, but it now looks like i need to do some screw extraction! If anyone knows how, please let me know. Next time I will be more careful!


Blogger Knowleypowley said...


Put screwdriver into screw, grip handle of screwdriver with pair of pliers or molegrip. Use one hand to hold screwdriver upright and other hand to hold said pliers at end of handle to apply maximum leverage.

Hope that makes sense

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