Monday, May 21, 2007


Bones is having a lovely time nestling against a concrete bank covered in purple and white daisies. Not only that, but I have discovered a jumping spider in the bedroom - he is very cute and wiggles his legs in a way that reminds me of the honey monster. I hope he doesn't grow into a monster...

Now I am 'out and about' away from my home mooring for a long period of time, I am having to relearn the delights of travelling to fill up with water and empty the loo. I also have to think about how long I am prepared to leave the boat when I go away. I have never really been bothered before, but I find myself feeling a bit edgy about leaving it for several nights.

It is a strange world that I find myself in as I explore this 'new' life. I have learnt a great deal over the last week as I have travelled up the Thames and started my new job (which I love). I have many friends here, and it is great to be able to catch up with them again. I am still a nomad and perhaps moreso, I wonder whether I will ever settle anywhere, or indeed whether I will need to! For the moment I can be whatever I please, my contract is short, but I hear about a longer one in July. Until then I shall work hard, float and grow into a noble hermit. I hope it doesn't make me too hairy in the wrong places!!!!!!


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