Tuesday, May 08, 2007

will I go?

Yesterday I was wondering whether I would be leaving at all!! The gear box had clearly had it, it is a hurth HBW100 and was reconditioned in 1991. 16 years out of the box really isn't that bad by the sounds of it - but did it have to decide to develop a fault NOW?! Yes. Grrr

I have been very fortunate indeed thankfully someone was able to come and have a look at the gear box this afternoon. Unfortunately the gear box has had it, but victoriously a new one is in the post! It should arrive tomorrow, and the lovely Chris tells me he can sort it out in time for my travels.

The gear box is bolted onto the back of my BMC1.5 and followed by the flexi-coupling. I watched Chris take it off - a very simple job, and next time I will do it myself. I would quite like to have had a go at reconditioning the box but a) I don't have time, and b) there is little point as the professionals are far better.

I did rebuild part of the gearbox on my 400/4 so I don't always wimp out!

I have also noticed that the wind speed for thursday is set at a steady 26mph. This is not good; my mooring is difficult enough to get out of and the wind doesn't help. I hope the 26mph is in the direction that makes my boat point in the right direction rather than veer towards the plastic boats on the other side.

So, at the end of today it looks as if I will be leaving the county, and with any luck the trip will only take 4 days...although someone told me today that it is at least 5! I suppose this ought to be weighed up with the person yesterday who told me it would take 2.....


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