Friday, May 18, 2007

Made It

Phew! I have made it through the towns and waterways of the south and arrived safely with my new life, new job and new location. It was a fabulous journey cruising Bones up the river through cloudy skies, heavy rain and bursts of sunshine. We met a man in a lock with a fabulous moustache:

a lock keeper who played the ukele - we were lucky to catch him when he wasn't working and he serenaded us. Lock boy has a photo and I must see whether I can put it up here.

Lock boy cruised:

and I fixed the bathroom.

Lock boy has returned to his northern waters and I gather his newly built canoe (by his fair hand nonetheless) is undergoing sea trials this evening. I think crewing the boat has certainly given him a few tips on how to man his own vessle. 16tonnes of steel must be comparable to a 'sling it over the shoulder at locks' canadian canoe.

It is very good to be back.


Blogger Sue said...

How did we miss you????

Gutted not to have waved at the very least..


12:11 AM  
Blogger Knowleypowley said...

Congratulations on making it

10:23 PM  
Blogger Miss T said...

I have to say that Lock Boy is looking very stern and unbending in this photo. Strange as he's such a sweet pussy cat IRL! 8-)

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Sean-E-Babes said...

Lock Boy is not a sweet pussy cat, he is a rufty tufty costumed crime fighter with super human powers of rope pulling and boat pointing. Ggggrrr!
Lock Boy

9:42 AM  

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