Thursday, May 24, 2007


Since moving I have found myself having a lovely time chilling out and catching up with old friends. People are more inclined to 'drop' in where I am now, and being out of a marina and onto the waterway itself leads to more nods, smiles and casual conversations; something I had completely forgotten about. I don't have a television and although I read, I am rarely seen in public with a book attached to my nose. I also don't have the internet on the boat, so I don't while away the moments surfing the net finding out all sorts of information that seems important at the time but turns out to be pointless! There is something to be said for the internet becoming the rival to the television. So, what do I do?
As I said before I am not a minimalist but rather a maximalist. This sort of behaviour is not condusive to boat habitation and thus I spend much of my time (when I am not re-building bathrooms, sorting out the engine, screwing things together or fixing something) re-organising my storage or slimming down on my 'stuff'. The stuff has mainly arisen from a pre-boat period where I lived in several places at once and had various clothes etc at different friends houses. I now have most of this on the boat and I STILL need to make room for my fishing gear, meccanno and a few bones. It is a rewarding process; I wonder whether I will become a minimalist?

I simply don't have time for a hobby.


Blogger flatplane8 said...

I think with a boat, you're living 'in' your hobby. :)

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