Monday, April 02, 2007

Mirror and eyebrows

I didn't have a mirror on the boat, but I was forced to get one when I simply couldn't get my starter motor off the engine because I couldn't quite see where the bolts were, and I couldn't contort myself into a flat shap in order to see. So, I took an old wingmirror, broke the glass in half and used that so I could see what I was doing. I triumphed, and after getting the motor re-wound and re-attached I wiped the oil off and used it in the bathroom. after a while I grew rather attached to my little mirror and was rather dismayed when I could no longer find it. Maffi has kindly given me a new mirror... I still haven't quite got around to using it. Having spent so long using a mirror that mirrors one eyebrow at a time, I can barely compute a mirror that shows my entire upper image. There is one good thing about the vasteness of the mirror - I can now see BOTH eyebrows which means I can practice raising 'the other' eyebrow with proper visual feedback; I am convinced this will enhance my learning abilities.


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