Monday, April 02, 2007

Vinyl Flooring - on the walls this time

DIY on a boat always involves a small space!!! Since living on a boat I have become wonderfully aquainted with close up images of my knees. Here I am trying to cut some vinyl in the bathroom:

You will notice the distinct lack of a fine array of measuring tools as I cut down a non existent pre-drawn out line randomly... The 'laying down' of vinyl in the bathroom went surprisingly well considering my lack of expertise. Admittedly I had done it before but last time it was on the walls rather than the floor. I had a go at using some special sticky tape this time instead of the glue and I can definately recommend it - unless of course you find having glue in your hair and vinyl stuck randomly across your body an essential component of DIY.
The top tip of laying vinyl - a sharp knife (stanley or freshly sharpened kitchen knife) and take it slowly, but always remember to laugh when you find yourself trapped in a suddenly unrolled mass of vinyl with you in the middle.


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