Friday, March 30, 2007

Ghost of Thames

My parents have exceptionally good taste in vehicles, and as children we were transported around the country in a vintage car. In car entertainment in those days was provided by sleeping (we always left in the middle of the night), the odd number plate game, and singing. I particularly remember two songs (perhaps there only were two) which we sung as a round. The first was a traditional song called life is butter:

Life is butter, life is butter,
melancholy flower, melancholy flower,
life is but a melon, life is but a melon
cauliflower, cauliflower.

and the other, which was my favourite, was 'the ghost of thames'. I cant' find reference to anywhere. I wonder if anyone else has heard it?

Have you seen the ghost of Thames
Long white bones with no skin
On (*you sing thhis like a ghost for a bit)
wouldn't it be chilly
with no skin on.

I still sing the second, and particularly now that I live on the Thames.


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