Friday, December 08, 2006

Problems with my door

Despite being a state of squalor and disrepair, I am finding my boat most delightful at the moment. I have found fitting out my bathroom to be a slow process, and although I haven't finished it I have decided to tidy up for the weekend as I may have visitors. This has involved putting everything sort of back or under the bed. The bathroom now looks much better and I can now get to my bed without danger of being impaled by various bits of equipment/wood.

Unfortunately I can't get into the boat very easily once I have shut the front doors because they seem to have jammed. If I had a plane I would fix it but I haven't so I shall just have to settle for kicking the door shut and pulling ferociously to open it. I wonder if such violence will win me respect on the pontoon? I doubt it - and for one simple reason: Last week when I was working at a school one of the lads looked at me and said that 'without the hair' I would look exactly like someone in his taxi. I asked who that was and he said 'chris' I asked 'how old is she, is she the driver?' 'No' he replied looking at me as if I was stupid 'he's in year 7'.

There is nothing to say to that is there!


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