Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Musings

This time of year is simply beautiful. I arose from my slumber this morning; stepped outside the covers and promptly felt the chill of the morning. Sharp awakenings such as these heighten ones senses, and what better a morning to do it on. The mist was rising from the water; the air crisp and clear and the sun rising with a beautiful light. I would take a picture, but it is impossible for my camera to capture the atmosphere, crispness and splendor of these Autumnal mornings. It is most certainly a lovely time of year.

My father is currently on an island in Scotland. I bet he is enjoying the most gorgeous mornings up there - Scotland does October in true style - I can't even describe it!

Several weeks ago I built a wardrobe in the dining room. A couple of weekends ago I decided said wardrobe would be better as a coat store by the front door. I have since decided a dining room is not for wardrobes. So, what am I going to do? I have decided to replace the cupboard that currently "hangs" over the bottom of the bed with something similar, but smaller, neater and more practical... And less oppressive. I really do think a job such as this is more suitable for a professional. When I was writing to "keeping up" I was mentioning my thoughts of employing someone to do the job for me, but decided I had to give it a go (and deleted that paragraph from my message!)! I have no idea how it will turn out, but I do hope I will be able to leave work early for a couple of days in order to do it. I can't use this weekend as I am at a Steam day, and there is no electricity in the back half of the boat. I don't think I should even attempt the wardrobe by candle light (I have misplaced my torch!)


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