Monday, October 09, 2006

Speeding Boats

Sitting here on a Thames visitor mooring I am amazed at the speed boaters go past. Why I expect people to be considerate of their speed is beyond me, speeding is common on our roads and in our daily lives - we are part of a society where now simply isn’t soon enough! I have noticed that the taller, more expensive plastic looking boats are the bigger culprits, but they are not alone, nearly all the narrow boats going past have also been speeding. The cause of this could well be the difference between those who moor at a “basin” (or marina for those haven’t read GrannyButtons blog recently) over those with linear moorings. One never really realised the damage wash does to boats, let along to wildlife, unless a witness to it. Faster boaters probably want to speed along the waterways whereas the slower aware ones notice the nests being washed away, the bank being washed away and the boat rocking violently. Why should anyone really know about their impact on the world around them? When walking through a forest we notice flowers, trees, atmosphere and the such like, it is only when we stop and rest and listen and watch that we notice so much more. The insects come out of their hiding place, the animals scurry again on their journey and you start to hear the song birds talking to each other.
Boating to me is about resting; experiencing; not rushing and enjoying the peace. I also sit on logs along walks to take in my surroundings, I also don’t speed on the roads. The beauty of the waterways is that it serves all sorts of people, not just me; but the people they serve must serve it and protect the habitat that the river is so famous for.

A seagull was diving for its supper this afternoon.


Blogger Jason King said...

A few weeks ago at Hampton Court a speedboat, going a hell of a lot faster than the speed limit, zoomed in circles under the bridge. The wake opened all my cupboards, smashed a couple of glasses and I could hardly stand up straight. I went outside and shouted at them until they went away.

A few months back several of the boaters moored at Hampton Court made a complaint to one of the big tourists boats after it sped by and slammed our boats against the towpath.

Yes, speed is a nuisance.

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