Sunday, October 01, 2006

Glorious Rain

I absolutely adore this beautiful weather, lovely heavy raindrops soaking the ambling walkerer in a matter of moments. Being in a boat during weather like this is bliss. The sound of the rain on the steel roof dancing like a thousand fairies whilst the drops land on the water outside sending ever ending circles spanning out as they join the watery mass of the river. Simply wonderful.

Of course, this weather is not ideal for anyone, as I am, trying to paint their boat! I am resigned to staying under a bridge for a few days to finish off the work I have started. Primer and undercoat are not waterproof so the quicker I get the gloss on the better. I will also need to give the boat a good drying out before I do the gloss work. In the meantime I am enjoying the beautiful beautiful rain where being on a boat is the best place ever.


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