Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Weekend: Painting

Since breaking and crushing my thumb in the back hatch, work on the boat took a very abrupt halt, and it is only over the last couple of weeks that I have been able to use my thumb without it hurting.
Having sanded down and primed the bits that needed it, I was getting very twitchy brushes and just wanted to get it over with so with relief on Saturday I set off to a beautiful village with a mooring the length of my boat.
I managed to paint most of one side and prime the other before the flies came out. I didn’t want to be painting too late in the day as the dew starts quite early (apparently!). In the evening I put the wires above the front door in a plastic tube to tidy them up.

This morning the boat was simply too wet from the nights dew to do anything, but it did dry out by about 11:30. Normally I wouldn’t have painted, but I was so keen to get it done while the weather was ok, I decided to go ahead and cover all that needed covering so I can forget about it knowing it is protected till next spring. I had to paint in quite a few flies which blended surprisingly well! There were bits that needed more rubbing down, and in the end the bow area simply isn’t up to standard. I am not a great painter, and with a time limit I just carried on and covered the bits that need covering. I think painting should be done earlier in the year and under a bridge to protect from the rain. I still have one gunnel left to do which is in such a state I really need to sort it out – but that will take half a day at most.

I have also made a cupboard just inside the front door to put coats in and trampled Dog S%^$ through the boat. I was spitting feathers about it until I calmed down and realised it was my own stupid fault for walking through the bushes and not taking my shoes off.

Yesterday I met lots of people along the tow path who stopped for a chat, and I really enjoyed myself – that was until this morning when I noticed my trousers had a huge split in the derrière. I thought it there was a bit of a draft, but thought nothing of it.

Pictures to follow (not of the trousers)


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