Friday, April 07, 2006


I bought the squirrell and all components from Uxbridge boat centre who have provided excellent service and care. I had been looking at it all until one very cold evening when I was so cold I thought I was going to be sick, so I went onto the roof with my drill and jigsaw and set to drilling a hole in the roof. It was so cold, my pint glass of water actually froze!!!!!!

I inserted the collar into the new hole and sealed around it with high temperature silicon gel, I did use fire cement the first time, but realised my mistake when it started raining - fire cement is not waterproof and takes ages to go off! The silicon sealent is red, and so is my roof - phew!!!! The stove sits on a peice of marble I found behind a gate and managed to buy off the owner, which in turn sits on a 2x2 frame of wood. The stove is secured through the marble (I drilled a hole) onto a piece of ply that sits under the marble on the 2x2 frame.

The flu fits tighly into the stove, but I put fire cement around it anyway, and then up through the ceiling into the collar. I cut the ply wood back quite a way - and cut the insulation (polystyrene) back even further - as far as my claws would reach. I have fire board over the top of it (a square thereof). I also used fire proof rope where the flu meets the roof collar but that is a tight fit also and it took a while to shove it up there!

The surround is fireproof board again secured either onto ply and then the cabinet in the kitchen, or on a frame and to the battens on the hull. I used felixble tile adhesive and am still amazed they are still stuck on the board. I did not treat the board becuase I got confused.

Tiling is very messy and great fun. They are put up with character.....!!! (I never claim to reach the dizzy heights of amateur in my fitout, rather with good humour!)

Thats the stove. I don't think I have missed anything. The door did leak at first, but I took it off, took it to uxbridge and they sorted it out without no hassle.


Blogger dogberry said...

Sorry to be so far back in time - I'm finally moving from the fantasy stage of things to the 'buy a boat by August' stage (fingers crossed and lucre willing), and while your blog is wonderful generally, these posts are fantastic for getting a look at the sort of work I'll undoubtedly be doing... I think I simultaneously exaggerate and underestimate how much work it will be, so I'm really thrilled to find your descriptions.

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