Friday, August 01, 2014

River Lea

I snapped up the opportunity of a river trip on Monday. I dashed to the train station and in no time at all I was on the boat heading somewhere with a bunch of people I had never met. It was BRILLIANT.  Steering was an interesting procedure:

And I just loved the variety of boats a long the way.

This boat has similar teeth to a building somewhere not so far away (can you tell I didn't really know where I was!?!) Did the same graffiti artist do this and the building  - or perhaps this is where the artist lives?

The big boats were great too!

There is quite a lot of weed around here - but CRT take the weed muncher up and down to keep it under control.

The boat is loud, unfinished (but nearly finished) and we were caught out by the sun going home early.  I had expected to be shouted at as we motored home - but no - the London Boaters waved at us. None shouted and screamed when we tried to turn in a space JUST big enough. Nor did they hurl abuse at us.  It was a far cry from the boating I am used to in these parts.  I liked it.

I had a BRILLIANT night. Thank you to everyone for being so amazing.


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