Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Klaxon repair

While Joe, the teenager, was here we did some jobs around the place once of which was to make the Klaxon which had fallen silent roar again.

2014-06-15 15.13.05

2014-06-15 16.11.41

The problem was found, the mechanism cleaned and everything put back together but there was a washer left over. 

We went through the advantages and disadvantages of putting it back where it belonged and Joe decided he would put it back. 

Then there was a bit he had put in upside down. He took it all apart agian.

THEN just when he thought it was all finished, there was something else he forgot to do – the frustration would possibly have got to me, but he steadily un did it all again and put it together.

The Klaxon roars and I am delighted.  I was impressed to find that not all teenagers loose their temper and throw their spanners around the place when things get just a bit too frustrating.


Blogger John Witts said...

I'll have you know that losing one's temper and throwing spanners around is very much the preserve of the middle-aged!

(At least, it is round these parts..... :-)

8:48 PM  

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