Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Napton to Braunston

This jollying around the canal is turning out to be a brilliant experience.  The other week I was settling in to my working from home day and my sums when Maffi turned up to move the boat. Nothing is ever boring when Maffi is on the boat.  I was just getting in to the sums when the phone rings. The boat wouldn’t go any faster.  I wondered whether the gear box was on strike, but after a quick investigation it turned out the stop cable hadn’t released. I jabbed it with the screw driver soon sorted that out.  We went hurtling (in comparison) down the cut and I was aghast when we didn’t slow down much passed the moored boats – I whizzed down the back and realised I had failed to tell Maffi that it wasn’t what we thought and he did have full, not partial, control over the throttle!

Next we were wobbling all over the canal so I knew Maffi was distracted but it was later when I went to give him a cup of tea I found out what he was doing.  I arrived at the back with a pie and some tea only to find Maffi had decided that his shoes and trousers were making him too hot.  More wiggling of the boat as we came in to Braunston and he obviously decided he should be dressed to enter the village.  Molly took up position on the gas locker.

2014-06-12 14.00.12

What a wonderful morning view the following day.

2014-06-13 06.40.57

It was a real treat to be somewhere different without actually doing anything.  I didn’t see much of the journey, but I will get that chance when I retrace my steps.  I was delighted to be back in Braunston. I had intended to stop here for a few days but with various delays I wasn’t going to be able to. Maffi made it possible and after he had darted off I climbed the hill to see Jenny and Chris – I love seeing them.


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