Tuesday, April 08, 2014

West Norwood - Catacombs

FINALLY!  There was great excitement on Saturday morning for the day came when I was standing at the start of the West Norwood Cemetery tour with a surprisingly large group of other people.

 I was rather attracted by these shoes - owned by an American who has recently sent her book to be published. Her late husbands last words were 'finish the damn book' so she did.

Our tour guide made it clear right from the start that certain organisations had done their best to ruin the Cemetery and as we climbed through the undergrowth (or 'hacked our way to the catacombs as put by the other guide') we were told this was a taster of what the cemetery used to be like.

I was so pleased to see this danger sign - it is always a welcome sight to see such a warning before entering the very place it warns one against.

I really didn't know what to expect (particularly after my visit to Kensal Green Catacombs below the dissenters chapel) but as we descended the steps and our eyes adjusted to the light I was delighted.   The architecture was magnificent and the rooms amazing.  What an incredible experience standing there under ground breathing what others have left.

More later!


Anonymous Fiona said...

My Grandparents are buried there if it is W Norwood SE London. J and I were married just down the road at Chatsworth Baptist Church in West Norwood

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Malcolm said...

I was going to amaze you by telling you that Hiram Maxim and Mrs Beeton are buried there but by now you'll know that.

I've never visited but would love to...lucky you.

11:25 PM  

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