Saturday, November 30, 2013

Amazing and 40!

I have been given some things and I kept them safe. On the evening before my birthday, in good tradition, I piled everything up on the breakfast table.


Alex came and cooked me breakfast and I opened my cards and presents.  I had more presents, more visits and more cards! What a spoilt lass I am. Thank you everyone for your greetings of the day.

My most prominent birthday present was a cold so I spent most of my celebrations sniffling in to my pyjamas.  Despite that I got out and about with some lovely people (who I hope don’t get the lurgy!)  I had a great time but I was so quiet I expect I looked miserable the whole time. I haven’t had a party – maybe I will have one in Summer.

The amazing Tea Room team (Chris, Marianne and Jess) made this incredible cake for me


The cake is delicious!  They must have had fun making it because I am intolerant to almost everything cake like these days. Despite that they made something Bones friendly AND delicious!

Being 40 is working out quite well (especially now I am feeling a bit better!).


Blogger Halfie said...

Is that a Towpath Talk someone has used as wrapping paper?

10:40 PM  
Blogger Oakie said...

Just love the cake - how appropriate. If you ate only the inside then you could wear it as a hat! Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sorry to hear about the sniffles.

12:38 PM  

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