Tuesday, May 01, 2012

River Thames

I am not having much fun on the Thames at the moment. The wind got us first and now the rain. I am glued to the Environment Agency water levels, the bank and the sky. 

here are some useful information websites:

River Conditions – are we on read boards?

Water Levels –flood risk or normal levels?  Click on the area and then click a more specific area then on the dot of the relevant lock.  You can see upstream and down stream levels.

The levels are rising but I am not sure what I can do about it, if anything.


Blogger Penny Schenk said...

I know the feeling, am going in search of a sturdy stepstool this afternoon as it is now quite a stretch from the jetty up to the stern of the boat.

12:57 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

I wish I was on a jetty!

12:58 PM  

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