Thursday, April 26, 2012

Changed my mind shock.

I often do as it happens. Or rather, I develop and change my views despite how much I might argue them at the time. I do listen and change and adapt but I rarely do a u-turn.

I have done a u-turn

It is ironic that having thought and pondered so much I wrote thispost on suicide and declared that I couldn't see why it was selfish.

I understood, but it still didn't seem to make sense.
It does now.
Vocalising things like that has opened up a few avenues of discussion of different approaches and I find myself utterly understanding.
Selfish, but more an absolute and utter waste of a person. A person who was clearly ill (even unknown to themselves) and for whom there is always help.

Help isn't easy to get and I hope that as the time goes by it will be easier and more accessible and accepted.

Until then I hope anyone on either side of the coin knows their unique place in this world and let their friends move the earth for them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bones- I commented on your excellent original post. This whole subject has profoundly been part of my psyche for too many years. I eluded to a lost friend & a near recent miss of another. Unfortunately there have been others over the years.
I find myself changing my mind on what I think about 'suicide' However, I do lean towards the 'cowardly' side of opinion. Not being the best with words I will try to explain;
My lost friend took his life by jumping infront of a frieght train at 70mph. Brave? No? Yes? The fallout from this has profoundly damaged his family & it's 15years on. He left a wife & 9 year old for example. That 9 year old has become a tyrant (being polite). I KNOW this was hugely influenced by what happend. Obvious really?
I make no apologies for being open & honest about this example.
So in conclusion Bones, I side with your change of mindset on this.
However, the niggle I am left with is this; What could drive someone to actually take that fatal leap. What is the final trigger point? How does the brain assimilate info to allow this conclusion to be reached?
I am sure many of your readers will have been touched by the 'S' word.
And finally, if you or your readers were confronted with a friend / colleague who risks ridicule (likely to be their perception)& opened up on their thoughts, what would your instinct tell you to do? Call a GP / Samaritans / offer words of wisdom / 'stop being daft' etc?
I have the answer to this one. The fact they did open to you, in advance of any attempt is enough. It does not matter what you say or do. Instinct will assist. Thankfully I have been in this situation too.

Sorry for the long post. A subject that needs discussion.

To prove I am not all 'down', don't you think an expandable dog basket needs inventing?

Thanks for reading my ramblings
Kevin Ronnie nb Acorn

4:00 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

I don't agree with your cowardly terminology but I do agree with Bryce and others who commented on the previous post of similar nature? The person is desperately ill.

Whatever anyone's view or whatever anyone's experience I hope that mental health problems are more clearly addressed and I welcome the decline in stigma associated with it, and long may that continue.

I think there should be sufficient help for those who are ill and for those who are not but who have to, in some way, deal with it.

1:08 PM  

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