Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend rambles

The concussions is over (there is a residual of tiredness but that is to be expected!) and I have had a lovely weekend with my Pa who seems top be getting on well. Someone has put a new plant on Mothers grave, no note so we don't know who it is from, but we do know she is missed by many. It is strange now, after these months, that Mother isn't actually back yet. Don't get me wrong, I am not sad, it is just strange. The house doesn't feel empty either. I don't keep expecting to see my mother I do, when I arrive, automatically walk into the room where she was for so long. She is gone. Dad and I had a fabulous walk around Wimpole hall parkland. Since having Boots I have discovered the parklands of these Nationsl Trust properties as he isn't allowed in the gardens and certainly not the house. Wimpole Hall has a rather fine eye catcher (folly photo to follow). It is years since I was there last and now there are keep out signs which is a shame. I had some fond memories of watching the world go by there with a friend. Last night I was spoilt rotten with a feast fit for a king. The residents had even cat sat out their cats so I could go (I had Boots with me). There were a few hair raising moments were the dear kitten decided to come home and the older cat, mostly allusive I discover, decided to come back too. The time flew by and I loved it. Thanks guys for going to so much trouble, it was so lovely to see you both. So onward and home.


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