Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back from holidays

I have returned to my desk after a little holiday on cloud cuckoo land.  The flight was cheap and involved a fast walk, a bridge a blinding flash of light, a sit down on the floor for a while and then, just like magic the whole world changed.  People starting thinking I was being weird.  I had a rather lovely time and I have come back to the office feeling rather bemused and strange, but it was SIX days ago so I must be better.

In my absence I have been rather worried about the banana that I had left on my desk.  Who wouldn’t be?

It was lovely and green when I departed and there it has sat unattended for many days.  So faithful a fruit is it it has sweetly passed through that horrid yellow phase they go through to the black phase, just in time for my return. 

I don’t particularly like Bananas (at all) when they are that ripe but what am I to do? It has waited patiently, faithfully, loyally for my return and hasn’t caused any disruption in my absence.

So I ate it.

Gobbled it up.

Scoffed it.



That is one worry over.


Blogger Pete said...

Bananas are always good for you, no matter the stage of decomposition.

1:49 PM  

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