Friday, April 27, 2012

Disaster!!! Cats Ahoy

We are moored next to a field which is heavenly. Especially as there are several dogs who can all have a good romp together.

However, a new boat has arrived and they don't have dogs. They have cats.

This is so bad. They are moored behind me. Boots, as I am sure you will have determined, is delighted.


I did determine that the cats have a cat flap but I don't think that will be much help in the field.

So, can I trust my skills at scanning for a tabby in a field or not. The answer is probably not and thus I will have to keep boots on a lead from now on.

Woe. Poor poppet won't get his daily run after all.


Blogger John Witts said...

Poor Boots!

We are emailling him some pictures to help promote good inter-species relations.

Show them to him, repeating 'See, cats are not a food source', after each one.


Thomas and China.

10:04 AM  

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