Monday, May 07, 2012

Eynsham Abbey and Graves.

Until it was destroyed in the 16th Century, Enysham Abbey was one of the most important Benedictine Abbeys in the Middle Ages.  The Catholics were forced to become part of the nation Church of England or be fined or imprisoned.  The Catholic priests were executed as traitors.P1000391

I had no idea Eynsham had an Abbey until I trotted through the church yard again yesterday. The first time I went I never quite made it to the ‘Abbey Woz Ere’ sign.  I like the churchyard.P1000387


I like the peace that comes with ancient stones and wild flowers as they nestle amongst the Yew trees (planted, I am told, for a steady supply of arrows).  New church yards just don’t do it for me, they seem so much more regimented and empty than the echoing hollowness of the ancient stones. I wonder what today’s church yards will be like after the passage of time.


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