Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Yesterday was my Ma’s birthday. She has a birthday every year. I like that. I telephoned her in the evening and it sounded as if she had had lovely day; apart from eating too much cake. I like it when my dear Ma sounds happy. She sounded happy.

I had a nice surprise too. Cap’n Ahab and Bella were passing and dropped in for a cuppa bringing milk, daffodils and cake.  I had a kettle of water left but my milk went off days ago but between us we had quite a tea party.  The daffodils are in a vase staring out of the window. Lovely, very lovely indeed, to see them both.

I attempted to fill up with water but a diet of cake and missing parts to the hose with the dying light were not conducive to such an enterprise so I went for a long walk in the dark over the fields. Boots got quite jumpy at one point and started to bark disturbing the peace.  I kept him on his lead this time.


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