Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Picture Book

This morning was a new day.  The sun was shining and having not slept much for a couple of days I spent much of the morning like a zombie. 

I decided to take Boots on a local walk we haven’t done for a while which counts as vaguely different without having to use the car. We went up the towpath down the little lane to the left of the Boat Inn, up and over the fields then down onto the off-side towpath up to Shipton Church, over the bridge and down the other side of the canal on the towpath home. It was lovely. The snow drops were out:


and the Good Doctor had a duck on the roof of her boat staring incredulously down the canal at the walker and the dog staring back -  Spring MUST be coming.


The sun was shining and the fishermen were just setting up as I disappeared off under blue skies on my motorbike. 


When I came back it was tipping it down with rain and it doesn’t seem to want to stop.



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