Sunday, January 02, 2011

Water and the Jolly Boatman!

When the local hero Dusty came through just before Christmas I made a dash through the broken ice to the water tap and filled up. I decided I would be very conservative with this tank as the freeze was set to be with us for a long long time.  My water pump decided to embrace the same spirit and decided it wouldn’t work all the time and froze up at every opportunity.  Then, on Boxing Day, I went away for a few days and Maffi kept my fire going. When I came home I checked the connections and noticed that one from the tank to the pump (which I didn’t put in!) was looking a bit dodgy – unsurprising as it was made up from TWO JOINTS!!!  I fixed it immediately (it had lasted 4 years but not in such extreme temperatures! It was -13.5 here on Christmas Night, and hoped I hadn’t been too late – I was and I had a swimming pool in the bedroom.  I pumped it all out and returned to the water container technique.

I wasn’t alone as both Maffi and Dick had run out of water too (the sensible way)

Yesterday Andy from the Jolly Boatman suggested we could borrow some hoses and fill up from his tap at the pub. A VERY big THANK YOU to Andy and to everyone who lent us their hoses so we could reach from the pub to our 3 boats on the wharf to fill with water. We couldn’t have done it without four hoses from Annie’s tea rooms – I have never seen such long hoses!  Not only do I support my local community, but they support me – fab!

Dick wasn’t about for all this and we couldn’t just fill his boat up in case he had decided to take the opportunity to do some plumbing but then I remembered where he worked so I gave the rather large location a ring… lo and behold he answered the phone!!  The three wharf boats are now with water, in the right place!


Blogger Jill and Graham said...

Love it when a community works together, we have been stuck in Brum outside Sherborne wharf, 3 boats, and the guys on residential boats inside the wharf have linked hoses to ours and kept us topped up.

2:09 PM  

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