Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Coal Man Arriveth and other Tales

16122010394 Dusty came through yesterday breaking up the ice and stayed over night at the wharf to re-load with Coal and Diesel. This morning I pulled my pins and headed north through the previously broken ice to the water tap to fill the good ship up.  I will be more careful with this tank of water as I suspect we are in for another lengthy frozen in period.

Last night Dave Parry, John and Fi Slee and I went to see Travesties which was truly wonderful.  It was my first ever Tom Stoppard play and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I would definitely like to see some more.  I really do like Theatre. This was recommended to me by the delectable Dr Saffin and she has impeccable taste.

On Tuesday I finished my heavy two days at work and was looking forward to seeing my friends Allan and Debbie when I got home, but I was so totally exhausted I had to retire to bed before I passed out from exhaustion. When I eventually awoke I found they had left some parcels with my neighbour Maffi. One is for Boots and has to wait till Christmas (you can imagine how he felt about that) and the other was in two parts…one for Christmas and one for Birthday so I extracted out the birthday one – I LOVE it – THANK YOU!!  A tea light for my table:


This afternoon I have carried on the cooking on the squirrel stove theme and I am triumphing with a stew.  I decided I would have a baked Sweet Potato while I was at it. I have been told they go in the ash pan… my potato was MUCH bigger than the ash pan so the potato has been cut down, remodelled, wrapped and shoved in PLACE of the ash pan. It is such a work of art I may extract it and submit it to the TATE.


Blogger Captain Ahab said...

More burnt offerings Bones?

5:28 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

culnary triumphs...cap'tn !!! lol

5:31 PM  

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