Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NB Futurest

I have just read the lastest post from NB Futurest’s new blog and it is brilliant!

I first met Peter and his Narrowboat this Spring. I had just moored up after a long days boating and was probably doing my usual bat impressions in the engine room when there was a knock on the roof. I extracted myself and there was Peter. He reads the column I write in Canal Boat Magazine and wondered if I was the same person. We chatted for ages and it was truly wonderful exchanging tales on the towpath that spring evening.  We kept in touch and Peter has sent me regular, delicious emails about his travels. We met up in Banbury for luncheon before he set off to Winter in Warwickshire and now he has set up a blog.

I am deligthed.


Blogger Old Salt said...

Thanks for your encouragement Bones. I am very grateful.

3:51 PM  

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