Monday, November 29, 2010

Cambridge: Cruising the Backs With Lucky Duck

Some time ago I mentioned a trip to Cambridge where I met with James and Amy  and went along the backs in.on their narrow boat Lucky Duck. I didn’t write very much about it at the time because Amy was writing it up in Canal Boat Magazine.  Amy’s article (and some of the pictures I took) were published this month (December edition) and is a jolly good read if you can get hold of it.  The article really is very good and gives you a good idea about the history and fun of the Backs.

It is ages since I travelled the backs of Cambridge, and I had never done it in a craft with a motor  - which is unsurprising as you need special permission to do so and then only at certain times of year. To be asked along on the trip was a real privilege and I had a great time – I hope they do it again!!!

It is quite a long time since I went to Cambridge City at all, and as I walked through the town I was reminded of just how beautiful it is.  I will return to the city and the backs as soon as is viable and re-live those memories of tranquil afternoons punting along the backs, of picnics, of swimming, of fun and laughter of times past.  For now, here are some pictures:


DSC07860 DSC07884 duck1 math1


Blogger NB Driftwood said...

Hi Bones - I saw the article and began to wonder about taking Driftwood on a trip next year sometime.
I know Cambridge well, but the photos showed a whole other city - looks very enticing

Sue on Driftwood

9:39 PM  
Blogger WeepingCross said...

Next you must take the boat (actually the dinghy would be more sensible) through the 'secret river' that runs under Oxford ...

1:38 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

Driftwood - you must! Talk to LuckyDuck about it as they have all the info!

WC - I tried to find it...have you got more info? I have found patches of it but they are down man holes and I am sure some must lead with access from the main river....

1:52 PM  

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