Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Granny and Grandpa

Mum has bought skirts!  She came back from the shops and hung them up so we could sit and admire them (ALL NIGHT) and then this morning she decided she would wear one of them.  She carefully selected it, held it up to the light and then as she put it on her legs vanished. The lack of legs explains the pantomime that followed. She put her shoes on, stood up and then fell over; shut her skirt in the door and then finally when she stepped off the boat she tripped over. It was SO funny.  She decided to wear legs for work and is going to practice having no legs in the confines of her own home where only me and her can laugh.

Unfortunately all this hilarity at home is distracting from my new found skill. I can get all the way from my basket to the front door without touching the floor. Mum classes this as NORTY but she has no appreciation for the sheer talent; it has taken me ages to perfect it.

Lots of Love

Your devoted Grandson



Blogger WhatKathyDid said...

Scarves and skirts eh? impressive

3:11 PM  
Blogger nb.bobcat said...

Skirts - I always think they look lovely on other people.

Never really got to grips with them myself.

In fact as a small child (aged about 6 or 7) forced to change into a blue velvet dress (with white frilly collar as well bleuch)for some posh do I was so angry that I tore it. I was quite taken aback at how strong I was! As you can imagine I was a little worried about going downstairs to admit to the misdemeanour.


4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

boots, well i do know mum has lovely legs, they are long, everyone wants long legs, and so be patient with her, she will get the hang of being elegant and " O daaaaaaarling ".

Thank mum for the picture of your stately home in Norfolk, we noticed you were not in the picture, Were you in the larder eating the meat???

love Granny and Grandpa

5:03 PM  
Anonymous heth said...

He needs to practise this too:

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Wiggins said...

Once the skirt is mastered, the high heels are often the next infection to take over.

They probably taste better, though...

10:17 PM  

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