Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have never gone a bundle on scarves. My Mum used to love them but one day I had to run for a Doctor who lived down the road to come and help as mum’s scarf had caught fire. Not wanting to burn alone it had set fire to my Mums neck and hair for good measure and  my dear Ma needed some treatment.

The injury wasn’t too bad as her head and neck didn’t fall off but I decided that scarves had too high a price and I wouldn’t go near them.

That was years ago. 

On a shopping trip recently Elizabeth suggested that scarves were the business and I really ought to consider them seriously. I suggested we leave the shop.  We left the shop after I had purchased a couple of scarves. 

Today we went shopping again and I have added a couple to the accumulating pile. I now like scarves; they are rather handy.  Having filled one rib with scarves I think I will stop collecting them for now and just admire the colours:05012011662

Today, in case you were interested, was a lilac scarf day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bones your nerves must have been in threads with your Ma!!! good thing she adores you,
lovely scarves, brill colours too


6:06 PM  
Anonymous Wiggins said...

Scarves are fun - enable dressiness/attempted stylishness without any major effort.

Can also double as many other things in need.

10:55 PM  

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