Friday, September 17, 2010

Gorgeous Morning

Sometimes, if the light is right, my phone camera does me proud:




Blogger Miss T said...

Oooh lovely...sometimes you almost convince me of the romance of boating...

12:22 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

ah, but Miss T. To be fair I wasn't actually boating... I was walking along the towpath......

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Jaqueline Almdale said...

I've mentioned in previous posts what a fine eye you have for photo composition Bones. I believe you could successfully publish a lovely coffee table book of photos along the canals (in your spare time, yeah, between working on your boat, writing grants and studying bones!) You manage to capture atmosphere along with the graphic image. Lovely indeed.
Warm regards,
Jaqueline USA

8:46 AM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

Thank you Jaqueline!!! That is very kind.

11:11 AM  

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