Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Those Gas Struts

Following my post about losing one of my gas struts John from nb Alacrity came to the rescue and very kindly offered me some he had. He posted them on Friday the 13th, but there was STILL no sight of them by the weekend. On Sunday evening Ryan told Maffi the gas struts that John had posted me HAD arrived after all. Verity had found them in amongst the brooms - who knows when they arrived - someone received them but failed to tell the owners of the address I sent them too!

Anyway, they have arrived safely now which is delightful for me, I am looking forward to fitting them (hint hint hint to Maffi as it is a two man job!). They are bit a shorter than the one I have already, but I THINK they will lift the bed high enough, they are certainly strong enough!

Thanks John!


Blogger Adam said...

don't chuck one of these overboard too, or you'll have two non-matching gas struts, and then where will you be?

4:24 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Those struts have survived trial by post office and being posted on Friday the 13th what more can happen to them

5:27 PM  

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