Monday, October 06, 2008

A perfect end to a perfect weekend

As I sit here I was reflecting on my perfect weekend listening to Maffi playing his guitar. AS I was writing my blog I realised that I didn't need to worry about my next magazine article, I could write about it for that!!!! We had a great time, full of adventure and fun with new visitors (keith aka Jelunga) and a trip along the canal on Ocelot (Steves new boat) as well as an attempt to turn my new dinghy into a submarine.

This morning Mr Cool, who decided he was too cool to mess about in the dinghy until saturday night, couldn't get his hands on the dinghy quick enough. I was told he would do the taxi and he would deliver me, by dinghy, to the bottom of the Oxford so I could walk up to work the short way. I did suggest that I was quite capable of walking from where I was (and walking was perhaps quicker), but that was not acceptable, and I was summoned. There I was in my best clothes trying to look professional in a lifejacket and a boat half full of rain water, being delivered through the mist to the bottom of the oxford with a grinning baffoon on the tiller talking to the ducks and trying to get passengers. I have never been so pleased to get out of a boat in my life!

Actually, it was really good fun!


Blogger Halfie said...

I really ought not to read your blog, Bones. It spoils it for me when I read your excellent CB column! I did laugh at this month's (arrived today). Especially the last line. Well done! (Actually, should I laugh? Er, yes, I think so. I know you won't mind.)

10:13 PM  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

ooh did you? I THINK that is a good thing. I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it!!!!At least I didn't write about this weekend! yOu will have to wait until next months column to find out!

10:18 PM  

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