Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Presentations and Questions

Well, I have survived the first part of my presentation and can now relax with a coffee. The Dutch know how to do coffee and as I sit back enjoying the aroma I remember the gorgeous coffee aboard Alnwick during the Cropredy festival, and on my way up to Derby to do some work.

Yesterday I was rather lost as I made my way from the hotel, but I bumped into a confident looking chap strolling through a tunnel under the railway station, and latched onto him. Casper turns out to be a nervous chap but he spent Sunday working his way around the city so we went to the Uni together. Unfortunately we chatted all the way, so when it came to finding my own way this morning I had absolutely no idea which side of the road to stand to catch the bus, and no idea about any of the landmarks to indicate when I had arrived. There was a friendly lass sitting next to me on the bus, so I struggled with my actions and gesticulated my desire to be in a certain place - she smiled and replied in perfect American.. nothing like feeling a pillock! Luckily I spotted one of my international collegues and raced off the bus when they did. Arriving at the centre I grabed a coffee and stood buzzing all morning as people asked me all sorts of questions about my research. It never ceases to amaze me that I know what I am talking about, it really is a pleasure to hear other peoples opinions and talk and defend my work. There is nothing like the buzz you get when someone says 'wow that IS really interesting, good work'. I haven't had any impossible questions which always helps things go smoothly.

So after today I can sit back and relax. I haven't decided whether I am looking forward to my three days in Amsterdam at the end of the week for a holiday, I had hoped Maffi would be able to join me, but he won't be able to after all as the gas bubble in his eye is refusing to dissolve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

amsterdam is nice, you will find interesting things to look a there.
well dont on the talks and question answering, sounds a good time,

3:08 PM  

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