Tuesday, August 26, 2008

churches, canals and streets

I finally took my camera with me and took some pictures:

I like this cathedral, it stands tall and makes the perfect landmark for when you take a stroll and get lost.... well, it does until you find yourself in an area of tall buildings without an old tower in sight. Thankfully everything is signposted around here.

This canal runs right through the city and is lined with houses and bars. Just before I took this picture a trip boat came through, it was quite a sight, bright orange, and rather like an armband with people in rather than just arms.

I don't speak a word of Dutch, but much to my relief the Dutch speak English. Unlike most European countries the Dutch seem to like people speaking English and look at me as though someone quaint has walked in the door, and seem to breath a sigh of relief when I confess I am English and not just profoundly stupid (although I suppose.....).


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