Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I managed to arrange a work meeting at the Admiral Nelson which was a bit of a treat. I left in good time in order to catch up with a few people I knew were in the area but my car had different ideas. It kerplunked within 3 miles and I had to take it to the garage. The garage fixed it in good time and eventually I was parked up in Braunston making my way to Maffi's for breakfast.  He was moored in front of Islonian and we were introduced.   Maffi was full of beans as Ronnie was going to do magic with his cratch cover and by all accounts she did!
Maffi and I dived into the various Chandlers and then as we screeched to a halt for me to get to my meeting on time we spotted my favourite CRT employee having lunch.  Fantastic.
Sadly there just wasn't time to head up to see the lovely Chris and Jenni. Chris is part of the Braunston Canal Society Volunteer group who received the CRT Recognition Award for the amazing work they have been doing.  You can read about it in Towpath talk (page 11)

This sight in Braunston Marina was a bit of a treat:


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