Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh, my friend. Goodbye

 So my friend, you are gone.  It got too much and for you the sun never shone.  Oh my friend if only.....if only......but it was never to be.
You stamped out you life.  Never to be free in this world.
Oh my friend.

But i was not your friend, and nor you mine. If only my finger tips had reached through my world in to your world, maybe, just maybe it would have changed. It didn't.  It hasn't. It probably wouldn't.  There are so many different lives we can all live, if only. If only. If only my friend, you had chosen to live.

Your corpse redundant, no more to breath.  All potential for laughter gone.
Pleasure snuffed out.
The pain too much.

Oh my friend. You needed a friend and you had plenty....but you hadn't met them yet.  Now you never will.

Rest in peace my friend.
Oh, my friend.


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