Tuesday, October 30, 2012

bang crash wallop

Yesterday was not a good day. If it was going to go wrong, it did.

Actually, it was probably not as bad as I had decided but with several days of simply not enough sleep I was struggling.  To top it off I went to put my motorcycle on the side stand and before I knew what had happened it had fallen over. Heaven knows what happened but I managed to swivel everything back into the upright position, pick up the bits that had pinged around and make the bike secure. 

I telephoned the shop to order some replacement parts and abandoned the vehicle to its fate. This morning I went to the shop to pay for the parts only to find they had arrived!  I was very impressed… I will be more impressed if they fit. 

In the good old days I was rather renowned for loosing my temper when trying to fashion or fit something to a motorcycle that was flitting around the end of my fingers being repaired.  The spanners would fly up the driveway one way and I would storm off the other. It wouldn’t take long before I would sheepishly return and be seen scouring the gravel and bushes for the offending articles to the general chuckles of my supportive friend who was invariably working on something else on the other side of the drive.

This evening scrabbling around on the tarmac under the dreamy spires of Oxford I will be a picture of calm.  I just hope the bit fits…otherwise I will be getting the bus home….


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