Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Morning Skies

The sky this morning was beautiful and I know I am not alone in this because everyone says so. The skies are stunning in our country. I looked out of the side hatch to this:IMAG0918

As I set off from the boat I could see the sunrise on one side and the moonset on the other. How beautiful the moon hanging there in splendour, bold and large:IMAG0920

Across the fields the windows to the little church at Hampton Gay were ablaze with orange light as the sun peered above the horizon and as it rose the light that was cast across the fields was magical.

I walked over the fields under the peaceful sky and suddenly things felt alright.  I was reminded of a poem I wrote some 10years ago for someone very dear at the time. It is the only poem I have ever given to anyone and the only one I have ever spent time thinking and composing. That person is gone now, and the full version is here, but here is the abbreviated version as it rang around my head in the fields this morning as it often does, but this time it was in one of those rare moments when peace sweeps across the atmosphere. This moment suited it much better.

Oh distant land
Where the sun rises high
Where the birds sing of freedom
And the stars hang from the sky

Where can you be found?
Oh distant, distant land



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